People love the simple five spoke design, and people also want intricate details. INOVIT™ Rotor is a clean five spoke design with extreme detail in the center of the wheel, multi-layered spokes, as well as a ball cut on the side of the spoke to add details. In the end, we created a simple, yet intricate five spoke design; the INOVIT™ Rotor is set to become one of the industry’s instant classics.


SizePCDETCBLoad Rate
20 x 8.5J5 x 1123573.1
20 x 8.5J5 x 114.33573.11950LBS
20 x 8.5J5 x 1203272.61950LBS
20 x 10.0J5 x 1124073.1
20 x 10.0J5 x 114.34073.11950LBS
20 x 10.0J5 x 1203572.61950LBS
22 x 9.0J5 x 1151573.12100LBS